Telehealth Pelvic Physical Therapy Services. 

At Liria Physical Therapy & Wellness, we specialize in fully virtual physical therapy services focused on pelvic health. Our goal is for you to feel welcome, safe and heard. We utilize a holistic approach to help clients achieve long-term wellness and improve their bowel, bladder, or sexual dysfunctions, pelvic pain, hip or low back pain, or changes due to pregnancy or postpartum. 

During a virtual visit, we will discuss your story, generate an action plan including exercise therapy and lifestyle changes & provide clarity around your pelvic health. 

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What We Treat

Not sure we can help, or don't see your specific issue listed? Contact us. 

Urinary Issues

Urinary incontinence, urgency, frequency, incomplete emptying, pain or burning with urination, interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome, recurrent UTIs. 

Bowel Issues

Constipation, diarrhea, fecal incontinence, straining to have a bowel movement, pain with bowel movements, irritable bowel syndrome, incomplete defecation. 

Pain and Pelvic Pressure

Pelvic pain, pain or inability to tolerate penetration (dyspareunia), pain with tampon use, vaginismus, hip pain, low back pain, sciatica, pelvic organ prolapse. 

Changes with Pregnancy or Postpartum

Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA), core & generalized weakness, C-Section pain or numbness, post delivery tearing, pain with lifting or breastfeeding. 


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